CISO Nordics Summit | May 10, 2022 | Copenhagen, Denmark



Digitalisation in Novo Nordisk - A Strategy Mirrored In Execution

Think Tank - 4:15 pm - 4:40 pm

The Novo Nordisk Digital Strategy sets the direction for how Novo Nordisk will amplify its purpose through digital and data â?" leveraging from digital and data to bring new offerings to patients. 

In this session, Anders Romare, CIO & SVP of Global IT in Novo Nordisk, expands on how the company is executing on the three ?horizons' of their digital strategy: ?Optimise the value chain', ?Augment the portfolio' and ?Explore new value creation'.

Focus is on the dual role of the IT organisation: Supporting digital transformation in the individual parts of the Novo Nordisk value chain through close business partnering while providing a modern, efficient, secure, and standardised technology foundation that enables digitalisation across

Presented by:

Anders Romare, CIO, Novo Nordisk