CISO Nordics Summit | 19 Feb, 2020 | Grand Hotel - Stockholm, Swede



The Subtle Art of Sourcing

Think Tank - 10:05 am - 10:50 am

How most businesses are run have changed dramatically over the years. The age of the do-it-all-inhouse megacorporation are gone, and everywhere we see both private companies and public offices becoming more specialized around core functions - leaving multiple partners and vendors to take care of the rest. 

This distributed model and complex value chains can prove a risk to the company if not managed properly. In order to minimize risk and ensure there is a solid foundation to build a partnership upon, it is of uttermost importance that necessary preparations are done in advance. Buyers competence and the Sourcing process might be underway to become one of businesses most important function, going forward. 


  1. Common pitfalls with outsourcing 
  2. How to plan and prepare for procurement of products and services 
  3. Processes and procedures for for governance and audit

Presented by:

Bjorn R. Watne, SVP, Head of Group Security (CISO), Storebrand View details