CISO Nordics Summit | 19 Feb, 2020 | Grand Hotel - Stockholm, Swede



How to Use Common Re-usable Modules and Agile Methodology as Enablers for Speed and Flexibility

Think Tank - 4:00 pm - 4:25 pm

Time-to-market and cost for change increase due to silo organisations with large legacy of "spaghetti" systems. To stay relevant in a world with new customer behaviors, regulations and new technology something needs to be done. By start developing common re-usable digital enablers together with transformation towards an agile organization SEB gained momentum and loosen up several problems. We still have a long way to go with several challenges but are already now enabling smother ways of working and possibilities to be more flexible when introducing new offering and services. 


  1. Benefits with reusable as-a-Service modules 
  2. How to identify and implement reusable common modules 
  3. Transformation towards a more agile way of working 
  4. How to mitigate challenges with agile way of working in a large organization with old legacy systems

Presented by:

Per-Erik Wellstedt, Head of Digital Enablers, SEB Group View details