CISO Nordics Summit | Oct. 24, 2023 | Stockholm, Swede


Registration & Networking Breakfast

8:30 AM - 9:00 AM

Welcome Address

9:00 AM - 9:10 AM

Keynote Panel: 2023 Focus - CIOs and CISOs as Transformational Leaders

9:10 AM - 9:40 AM

Successful IT and security leaders in the new world focus on the people, but why didn't they always?

Leaders have to become the trusted advisor to the wider executive. It's important for IT and security executives to be associated with transformation and collaboration as much as they are with the tin, the wires and the power point projector. 

 In this session we'll look at: 

  • IT and security executives place on the board
  •  How to build the team as a transformation team
  • Leadership should be fluent in new technology leaders, why? 
  • What do you need to lead a digital transformation team

Thought Leadership: Let's Create in the New Era of Digital Transformation

9:45 AM - 10:10 AM

In this session we invite you to embark on a journey into the exciting world of digital innovation.

In this dynamic era, where technology is reshaping industries and societies, we will explore the limitless possibilities for creativity and collaboration.

Through engaging discussions and hands-on activities, attendees will discover how emerging technologies, like AI, IoT, and 5G, can be harnessed to unlock fresh avenues for creative expression, business innovation, and problem-solving.

Join us to gain insights, inspiration, and practical strategies for thriving in this new era of digital transformation, where creativity knows no bounds.

Executive Networking Break

10:20 AM - 10:40 AM

Think Tank: Embedding a Proactive Security Culture Within Your Organisation

10:40 AM - 11:00 AM

In an age of escalating digital threats, this session illuminates the critical importance of fostering a security-conscious mindset across all levels of an organization.

Attendees will gain insights into strategies for instilling a proactive security culture that transcends mere compliance, emphasizing vigilance, collaboration, and continuous learning.

Practical case studies and expert guidance will equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to safeguard their organizations against evolving cyber risks, ultimately creating a resilient and security-first workplace culture.

Sharon Larsson

Chief Information Security Officer

Svenska Spel

Thought Leadership: The Darkest Clouds Become Heavens For Digital Transformation! Are You In Control

11:05 AM - 11:30 AM

Join us as we explore the transformative power of digital disruption amidst adversity.

In an era of uncertainty, businesses that navigate the storm of change with resilience and foresight can emerge stronger than ever.

This session delves into the strategies and tools that empower organizations to take control of their digital transformation journey, turning challenges into opportunities.

Participants will discover how to harness cloud technologies, data analytics, and agile methodologies to drive innovation, optimize operations, and create value. Join us for an inspiring discussion on seizing control and leading the way to a brighter digital future.

Panel: A Cyber Catastrophe Has Happened - Now What’s Next?

11:35 AM - 12:00 PM

In the wake of a cyber catastrophe, we want you to look back  at this session to serve as a critical guide for organizations grappling with the aftermath.

Cyberattacks are an unfortunate reality in today's interconnected world, and preparedness is paramount.

This session offers a roadmap for effective incident response, focusing on rapid recovery, minimizing damage, and restoring trust.

Participants will gain insights into post-attack strategies, including forensic analysis, legal considerations, and communication protocols to safeguard reputation.

Join us for a comprehensive discussion on the crucial steps to take when the worst occurs and how to emerge stronger and more resilient in the face of adversity.

Executive Boardroom

11:50 AM - 12:15 PM

Think Tank: Building a Resilient Future – Siemens Case Study

12:00 PM - 12:25 PM

This compelling session will delve into the real-world strategies and lessons learned from Siemens, a global leader in innovation and sustainability.

Explore how Siemens has navigated challenges, adapted to disruptions, and proactively built resilience into their operations and corporate culture. This case study offers invaluable insights into sustainable business practices, digital transformation, and crisis management.

Join us to uncover the principles and practical approaches that have enabled Siemens to thrive in an ever-changing world, and learn how to apply these lessons to shape a resilient future for your own organization.

Michael Dufva

CISO/ Chief Cyber Security Officer


Innovation Partner: Privacy by Design - Maintaining Consumer Trust in the Data Age

12:35 PM - 12:45 PM

In this essential we will addresses the paramount importance of privacy in today's data-driven landscape.

In an era of heightened concerns about data security and consumer trust, this session explores the concept of Privacy by Design as a proactive approach to safeguarding personal information.

Participants will gain insights into strategies for embedding privacy considerations into the very fabric of product and service development.

Learn from experts how organizations can protect consumer trust, comply with regulations, and foster a culture of responsible data management, ultimately ensuring a more secure and transparent digital future.

Executive Networking Lunch

12:50 PM - 1:50 PM

Think Tank: Digital Transformation – Building New Business Model And Leveraging Tech

1:55 PM - 2:25 PM

This insightful session will dissect the pivotal role of technology in reshaping modern business landscapes.

In an era of rapid technological advancement, this session explores strategies and case studies demonstrating how organizations can adapt, innovate, and thrive.

Participants will discover the art of reimagining business models, harnessing emerging technologies like AI, IoT, and blockchain, and leveraging data for strategic decision-making.

Key focuses will include:

  • Vital focus areas for digital transformation
  • Explore building blocks and core enablers of digitalization for future fit
  • Delve into a case study looking at how digital transformation has enabled Sandvik’s commercial data driven services

Garima Singh

Chief Architect & Head of Enterprise Architecture and Common Platforms


Knowledge Exchange | Peer-to-Peer Topic Tables

2:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Engage in intimate and open discussions at our knowledge exchange topic tables, designed exclusively for IT and Security Leaders.

Explore focused topics in smaller groups, fostering meaningful conversations and sharing insights.

Connect with like-minded professionals, exchange experiences, and gain practical strategies to tackle challenges in the dynamic marketing landscape.

Topics you will chose from:

1. Cyber Insurance: A New Frontier in Information Security

Led by: James Tasnadi - Head of Cyber and Tech- Lockton Companies

2. How To Connect Business Continuity To Resilience

Leader to be announced

3. How The World of IT Looks at Sustainability

Leader to be announced

James Tasnadi

Head of Cyber and Tech

Lockton Denmark

Think Tank: Data-Driven Digitalization: The Key to Danske Bank's Future

3:05 PM - 3:30 PM

In this session we will explore Danske Bank’s vision and progress towards “credit as a service”, a harmonised, scalable IT capability which aims to provide trusted, frictionless credit decisions in any customer journey and channel.

With ever changing and increasing regulatory       requirements, it is clear that data, automation, and advanced decision models are among the key levers that will enable a lasting competitive advantage. 

The ultimate goal is to provide a credit process which is compliant, efficient, and not least exceeding customer expectations

Jens Trinskjær

Senior Vice President, Credit Decisioning

Danske Bank

Executive Networking Break

3:35 PM - 3:55 PM

Panel: How To Be On The Right Side Of Critical Infrastructure

3:35 PM - 3:55 PM

Join us for a crucial session that delves into the imperative of safeguarding and optimizing vital infrastructure systems.

As our society becomes increasingly dependent on critical infrastructure, this session explores strategies for resilience, cybersecurity, and sustainable management. Participants will gain insights into the latest technologies and practices that ensure the reliability and security of critical systems, while also addressing environmental and societal concerns.

Join us for an enlightening discussion on how organizations and governments can navigate the complex landscape of critical infrastructure to ensure a safer, more sustainable, and technologically advanced future.

Closing Panel: Talent Management - Attracting & Developing a High-Performing Diverse Team

4:00 PM - 4:40 PM

In a competitive landscape, harnessing top talent is paramount.

This session delves into proven strategies for recruiting, nurturing, and retaining a diverse workforce that thrives in the digital age.

Participants will explore best practices in talent acquisition, fostering an inclusive culture, and cultivating leadership skills.

Join us for an engaging discussion on how strategic talent management can drive innovation, enhance cybersecurity, and propel your organization toward long-term success.

Closing Remarks

4:45 PM - 5:00 PM

Executive Networking Drinks Reception

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM